The first time I met Mistress Elle, I was nervous. I had no idea what to expect as I am fairly new to the scene. Mistress listened to my concerns, fantasies, desires; she reflected back to me with compassion, humility, and sensuality. She was sweet and patient. When our session began and I was forced to submit to her, she took me on a dark journey that I could never have imagined. Her dark side came out and she broke me down, then built me back up. Never once did I feel unsafe or uncared for, but we worked through my boundaries and she pushed me in the exact ways I needed to be pushed. I left her care (and curated torture) stronger and more present than before. I would whole heartedly recommend her in an instant.

The first thing you will notice about Mistress Elle is how pretty, tall, and blonde she is - though you will soon find out there is more to this lady. Much more.

Mistress Elle excels at finding what your interests are, and she will take control from there.


Long for some lighthearted spank-and-tease with a gorgeous woman? Mistress Elle.

Looking for a lady who can and will stretch the limits of your pain tolerance? Mistress Elle.

Really wish you could find someone who is very interested in precisely what sends you deep into subspace and keeps you there?

Yes - Mistress Elle.

Please allow me to explain: when I first met Mistress Elle, she was a student of a very legendary Dominatrix from Los Angeles. [Me? I was just very lucky to be there, let's put it that way.] As in the intro composed above, the first thing that came to my mind was, 'Wow!' I found Mistress Elle so fun, personable, and sincere, but having no idea how she would develop into her own style of domination, I could only hope for the best - and how lucky we are Mistress Elle blossomed so
beautifully in the interim!

Having recently the honor and privilege of a very intense session with Mistress Elle, I can truly attest to the power of her skill and dominance. Slightly taken aback at the difference between the time we first met and now, I was also caught slightly off-guard by how submissive I felt so briefly after session began. [Mainly identify as a bottom, personally; not every Domme brings out the subby side of me, so sometimes I kind of fake it. Not this time.]


Even as a seasoned player, my limits were definitely broadened, to put it mildly. And I do believe a splendid time was had by all.
By all means, allow yourself the luxury of Mistress Elle's captivating look and demeanor. She'll make you a believer.

Thank you, Mistress Elle.

Mistress Elle.

i just wanted to send a short Thank You follow-up note for the truely wonderful session on Friday afternoon. my body was tingling all weekend long and couldn't stop thinking about You and Your incredibly special talents. Apologies if i seemed a bit out of it at the end but You really delivered the most gifted session i have had so far. i was transported to another world and paradoxically energized and drained all at the same time. Your skills were top-notch and the picture of beauty that one can only dream of. The adjectives are endless....smart, intelligent, talented, brilliant, gorgeous, intuitive, clever, exotic, erotic, sweet, strict, thoughtful, seductive, caring, alluring, delicious, devious....the list goes on. There are simply some people one meets in this life that they will truely never forget. It was an honour and a privilege to be in Your presence, Mistress Elle.--